Friday, May 3, 2013

A magnificent day in May


Friday dawned in a gorgeous manner and I was happy to snap a few shots on my way out the door to work. The rest of the day grew even more beautiful, so it was a great day to get out in the early afternoon to soak in the sunshine, aromas and sounds of the day.
Thanks to the neighbor next door, who cut a field of hay, it was an outstanding olfactory bonanza.

My mountain pinks are abloom, and remind me of the sweet flowers my mother always grew.
And an early Mother's Day present of this gorgeous lilac -- today! -- also spurs fond memories of my mom. And also of the time when my childhood friend Esther and I picked tons of my mom's lilacs and carried them to our farmhouse's attic, where we were playing for the day. But we neglected to remove them and when my mom ventured up there a few days later, there was more than a faint aroma of lilac permeating the attic rooms!

And here area a few other bloomers -- dark tulips, wild violets, buttercups and wildflowers.


And then the dogwoods edging my property near the roadway...

 While I was out walking around, I could hear the buzzing of insects and the breeze rustling the leaves and tall grass in the field. The trees, including this crabapple in my front yard, are poised for the warm days of summer. 

It was a great day to pause and be renewed. The promise of even more-beautiful days to come was palpable. And even the play of sunlight and shadows seemed special.

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