Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cows, chicks and more, oh my, at PA Farm Show!

It's time once again for the Pennsylvania Farm Show!!

Each January, this great event -- the largest indoor agriculture exposition in the country -- is held at the Farm Show Complex on Cameron Street in Harrisburg. This year it runs through Jan. 12, and I was lucky enough to make the trip out there again this year with my daughter. Long ago, when I was in 4-H, I was fortunate to exhibit my dairy calf there. It was a treat repeated when Danielle was in 4-H and let me tell you, spending a week in the dairy barn is an experience not to miss.
Now we have to be satisfied with a day trip, but we love every minute. Our trip today was no exception.

I snapped more than a few photos, but I won't bore you with all of them. Here are a few to enjoy.
And if you can't make it to Harrisburg and you have cable, be sure to tune into PCN's coverage this week. They do a terrific job, and PCN is found on channel 186 on Comcast.

Loved this goose. Actually held a conversation while in this section of the barn. If you don't believe that these critters can talk, go check it out yourself!

Beautiful horses abound at the Farm Show. This one was poised to enter the ring for competition in the women's buggy/cart driving event. The horses and the tack are just breath-taking.



Delaware Valley College in Doylestown was in attendance once again. Always have loved seeing their dairy cattle. Makes me think back to the days when the Plummer family was active in Montgomery County 4-H, and parents John and the late Maxine were professors at the college.

You MUST try the doughnuts at the Farm Show!!

Don't miss the amazing butter sculpture!

Whether it's a wild outfit to keep the critters clean or the natural spots on a huge hog, there's always something to amaze the eyes at the Farm Show. The animals are so wonderful to view, and those caring for and exhibiting the animals work so hard not only during this event, but every day of the year back at their farms. 

A cute mother-daughter moment...

It's good to know that "Your Milk Comes From A Good Place," as this cup reminds you. If you haven't tried the milkshakes at the Farm Show, though, you don't know what you're missing. I would have had two, if my stomach could have accommodated them. So much great food at the Farm Show, so little room in the digestive system! In the next photo, you see me next to a huge piece of machinery -- that area of the show also is not to be missed. If you look closely, you'll see I'm still working on that milkshake!

Well, what's better than a milk mustache? How about hamming it up  at the Farm Show with these gems? Danielle and I figured it would be fun to pose for this photo.... Sometimes common sense flies out the window during the excitement of the Farm Show!

I hope you enjoyed this brief look at the Farm Show. And I hope you get to make the trip out there for a fun and educational day. If not, don't forget to tune into PCN. I can't wait for the tractor square dancing!!

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