Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Take kids to a park

I know this must be a difficult premise to grasp for some people, but a municipal parking lot is NOT where you should be letting your small children play.
Trust me.
Now a municipal PARK -- that's altogether different.
In the photo you see here, kids are playing on one of the cannons at Lansdale's Memorial Park. There also is a lot of green space there, and some ballfields. There are numerous other parks in the borough as well.
Hint: The parking lot at Derstine and Susquehanna avenues in Lansdale is NOT a park.
You should not be sitting there in a lawn chair, letting little ones on tricycles motor around the cars.
Since our office windows look out to the street, I witnessed this firsthand -- plus one of the little ones race over to the curb at Derstine ... and fall partway into the street.
Eventually one of the adults noticed and came sauntering over. Another never got out of her lawn chair.
Really? You don't realize that you're at a very busy intersection, not to mention the cars coming in and out of the lot?
Perhaps you need a map to direct you to the parks. Apparently you aren't alone, judging by the number of kids I often see elsewhere in the street on Derstine, playing baseball, hockey and the like.
Survival of the fittest, I suppose.

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