Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So, how many times do you think someone will come up to you today ... or tomorrow or the day after that ... and say, "Hot enough for ya?"
And how many times will you want to kill that person?
OK, that's a bit extreme. And we're all wishing we could be like the little girl in this photo, just slidin' on into a cool pool.
But seriously, the heat index will be over 100 today; it's humid; it's blazingly hot.
So be careful out there.
Stay hydrated. Don't be stupid and go for a jog this afternoon.
Seek out air-conditioned spots. Check on any elderly friends or relatives.
And take care of those pets!
We're all looking at our plants wilting away -- and that's the way we feel, too.
So be good to yourself. And try to be good to everyone else.
We're all sweatin' this out together.

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