Wednesday, July 7, 2010

shades of tubby and lulu

There may be no one else out there who remembers Little Lulu and Tubby comic books (would not fly today; not PC to call someone Tubby). But when I was growing up, I loved them.
One in particular that popped to mind today dealt with a hot summer day, when everyone in the comic book was melting -- much like we are -- except for a select few who seemed to just be cool as a cucumber.
Determined to find out why, the others finally sneaked a peak into the house where the cool ones were gathered -- and gazing at a decorated Christmas tree.
The sight of it alone was taking them back to the cold days of winter.
That prompted me to share one of my favorite winter songs, "Snowfall," accompanied by these great photos.
Maybe this will help us all to cool down.
Here's hoping!

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