Wednesday, April 15, 2009

say it ain't so...

You had to figure it would happen... probably sooner than later.
BIg shock... Octomom is in talks for a show featuring her and her litter... perhaps all the way up until they're 18.
Even better, according to, she's applied for a trademark for the name "octomom."
No... she's not in this for the $$$.
Nadya Suleman supposedly is in talks for a television crew to film her family six times a year.
"It is official. I'm going to be doing a show, but it's not a reality show," Suleman told Life & Style magazine, adding that the series would be made by the British arm of independent production company Eyeworks.
She says the show definitely will air in Britain, and perhaps the U.S. --- we can only hope we'll be spared.
But with the likes of Jon and Kate and the Duggars, let's face it ... there's really not much hope.
And if you haven't been keeping up with the oh-so-fertile Duggars (lucky you), here's an update. Now the son and his wife are expecting (another BIG shock) and of course it was all revealed on their show ... 18 Kids and Counting. Oh, PLEASE stop counting!
And if that wasn't enough, they stooped to even lower lows by exploiting the dying grandfather, propping him up in a wheelchair for a birthday party with all the cameras rolling.
As someone who has been through hospice with a loved one, this was just unspeakable to see this poor man treated this way.
I generally never watch this show... but it was like a train wreck... I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
And with Octomom and shows like "Table for 12," I can't believe what people will do for their 15 minutes of "fame."

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