Sunday, October 26, 2008

customer service?

I had the great misfortune of having to go to the store today... you know, that huge, spanning across the continent "discount" store that everyone loves to hate.
The one that has forced all the other businesses that used to be here to close.
You get it.
I went back today because I've been TRYING to buy cat food for my many kitties. So it makes sense to buy it where it may be a little less expensive.
I've already been irritated because they stopped carrying "normal" size bags... you can either buy tiny bags or HUGE bags, which are a little difficult to handle when you have two herniated discs in your neck.
But I digress. I've been buying the big bags and learning how to handle them. But for the past two weeks or so, it's been practically impossible to find even those bags.
So today I stupidly decided to ask for the manager.
Well, on a Sunday, no managers work, of course. So customer service paged what was supposed to be an assistant, or something.
First, the walkie-talkie was going to have to be good enough. But it was a little difficult to get an answer when they were also trying to provide an answer to someone asking why they didn't have a popular toy.
In the meantime, they were trying to tell me that perhaps there had been a recall of my type of cat food. Funny, when I can buy it elsewhere.
Finally the assistant manager, or whatever she was supposed to be, deigned to show up at the customer service desk.
And she didn't know anything.
Except to tell me that they get deliveries of things every day ... they just don't know what will show up.
Believe it or not, apparently they don't take stock of what they need, what people want ... she says THEY NEVER ORDER ANYTHING. THEY AREN'T ALLOWED TO...
So, this store that cares so much, actually cares nothing at all, if she is to be believed.
They don't care that something has been out of stock for weeks.
They don't care if a customer has been asking for something.
They don't care ... whatever shows up is what they sell. And if shelves are empty for weeks, who cares.
Personally, I'd rather have no greeters and actually have the shelves stocked and cashiers at the checkouts.
And a store that will keep track of what is depleted AND ORDER IT.
What a concept!

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