Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Countdown to 'terror'

Yea! It's October first!
Autumn is here, it's been a bit rainy and dreary ... the perfect type of weather to start the countdown to terror!
No, not the election... that's a real terror.
I'm talking about Halloween... I love this time of year the best and Halloween is great. Although it's been getting much too commercialized in recent years.
I love it because you can dress up like anything you want, get lots of candy, there's no obligation to buy presents and the decorations are truly cool.
So let's keep it this way!
Christmas has long been ruined from its original intent...
So please, let's have this one day where we can eat too much chocolate and scare ourselves to death ...
Hmm... guess it IS the perfect prelude to the elections!

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