Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tis the season

It's Sunday evening, the weekend has vanished... BUT today we went out and bought our Christmas tree. We don't go the artificial route -- just wouldn't seem like Christmas to us.
Once we had it home, the usual Christmas jig ensued. Trying to get it into the holder, trying to get the tree straight, trying to get the bolts tight enough so the tree wouldn't topple.
And then, of course, adjusting everything once we got it into the house.
And then, of course, the cats had to inspect everything, drink out of the tree holder and spaz out under the tree.
We put up the lights... the rest of the decorating, we hope, will get done this week.
But it's also so pleasant to turn out the lights, except for the tree, and just enjoy how beautiful it looks.
Happy tree hunting, everyone!

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