Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, were you among the billions who gorged themselves on turkey and all the trimmings, dazed in a comatose state as football droned in the background, and then hit the ground running around 3 a.m. --- or midnight -- so you could smash your way through crowds only to discover that ONE sale item you had tortured yourself was was sold out? Actually, it seems the store had only one to begin with and that was promised to the manager's daughter.
Some of us lucky ones had a quiet family get-together on Turkey Day -- and since we're vegetarians, there was no turkey to prepare -- and that had to work on Friday (not in retail, thank goodness).
When did this gotta have stores open on Thanksgiving; gotta have them open at midnight madness take over us?
Where is the fun and anticipation of getting to the store at a normal time, chatting with other shoppers, no promises of HUGE sales (on just one item) to throw everyone into a feeding frenzy?
It's not fun to shop this way; the only memories being made are hateful ones.
I'm glad I had to work on Friday.
Then I could come home, pull on some flannel jammies and shop on the Internet.
Now about that Christmas tree......

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