Sunday, September 7, 2014

September song

I love autumn, and although it's not fall yet, I was beginning to think summer was starting all over again this past week. But Sunday was such a wonderful surprise -- cool breezes, low humidity and just that hint of autumn in the air!

So it was a must to get out and stroll around the yard, snapping a few photos along the way. It was just such a delightful day after those recent humid and hot ones. Please, no more of those this year!

A few last blooms of summer…

Hints of autumn...

Yep, a gorgeous day...

Othercat thought so, too. He had to accompany me, which wouldn't be so bad if he didn't have to weave in and out between your feet with every step. He's our outdoor cat who seems to have adopted us. At least we were able to get him to the vet this summer to be neutered and get all of his vaccines! Now we have to build him a house, in case he sticks around for the cold temps!Hi there!

Othercat isn't even afraid of this garden resident … Guess he's figured out it's not alive.

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