Sunday, April 7, 2013

All the best, Brian and Anne!

Saturday was a new beginning for Brian Bingaman, as he wed Anne, now his lovely new wife.
 When I was editor at The Reporter, Brian was one of the staff writers there -- and of course he still is.
It was always great working with Brian, and I was honored to be invited to his wedding.
Here the happy couple enjoy their first dance, to John Lennon's moving song, "Oh My Love."
A perfect choice!

I've known Brian, his parents and his son for ages, and it's been a pleasure to watch his son grow into a fine young man, now 16. Brian Jr.'s toast at the reception was both amusing and moving -- good job!
The wedding ceremony itself brought out the love Brian and Anne share. And the flowers that Brian's mom, Lynn, designed were gorgeous. Brian even performed with his band, Fish Relics, at the reception. Talk about a hard-working groom!
It was a family effort to bring this beautiful day to life.
Sorry I don't have more photos to share, but here are a few.
Here's the delicious cake:

And I even won the centerpiece on our table!

No, this wasn't a guest at the wedding, just an attraction at the main building of the Rising Sun in Franconia, where the reception was held.

I hope their life ahead will be filled with joy. There always are ups and downs in a marriage, but their love should lift them up and carry them over the rough spots.
All the best, Anne and Brian!!

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