Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring forward, darn it!

Fall back, spring forward. Change your smoke detector batteries.
Yes, it's already that time of year, so before you hit the sack tonight, turn those clocks ahead one hour.
Unless, of course, all of your clocks automatically make the change.
Mine don't. Including my car. Hey, tomorrow it finally will boast the correct time again, since I never did get around to changing it after "falling back."
So here we go with Daylight Saving Time. I never really understood why we had to make this switch twice a year. Yes, I know the background on it. And I know people love having more daylight in the evening during the summer.
And, somehow, it's supposed to save us money.
I don't really buy that, but who am I to argue?
I can remember hearing year after year from a former colleague, too, how we don't lose an hour of sleep in the spring or gain an hour in the autumn. I got tired of listening to his droning after awhile, but I  still think I will lose an hour of snoozing tonight.
I'm sure no one cares that I hate this twice-a-year ritual, so I just have to go along.
Spring forward.
Let's all try to remember.
OK, Snoopy?

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