Saturday, February 9, 2013


Wasn't it just a week ago today that you promised us an early spring?
I believe it was, since I got up early on a Saturday morning to see what you, my revered groundhog, would predict for the coming few months.
And yes, you decreed, "An early spring for you and me."
Then how do you explain Winter Storm Nemo?
How do you explain this?

Yes, this is what I awoke to here in Pennsylvania -- your home state -- just a week after your words of wisdom. And that was after several mornings of light coatings of the white stuff during the week.
Now, we really can't complain too much here in Pennsylvania; not after watching what happened in Connecticut and beyond. But still, it's COLD out there ... even these clothespins look frozen!

And look what happened to this poor cat -- that's on your head, Phil!

Here are a few more scenes to consider. Perhaps you need to be a bit more specific. Does an "early spring" mean a few days earlier than normal? Or a few hours? Guess we shouldn't get our hopes up.
Or maybe we have to stop listening to a groundhog!
Just kidding, Phil. I still love ya!

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