Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Or, at least cat-lovers do.
Monopoly has chosen a CAT for the new game piece, tossing the iron out the window.
The cat token is shown in the AP photo
Don't complain if you didn't vote for the new game piece. I voted, but didn't hold out much hope for my choice of the cat. After all, a robot, helicopter, guitar and diamond ring were among the other contenders.
The cat joins the Scottie dog, shoe, top hat, thimble, wheelbarrow, battleship and race car in the game that was created by Charles Darrow and centered around Atlantic City streets. I bet the cat will easily trounce most of these lame tokens ... just wait and see.
Only bad thing is that I guess now I have to buy a new Monopoly game -- it would be better if we could just buy the tokens!
Hey, bring on the game! This kitty is ready to roar!

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