Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's Leap Day!!

Happy Leap Day!
How will you be celebrating?

(PHOTO -- 1941 shot from National Geographic)

Proposing to your boyfriend (that supposedly is one tradition)?
Out geocaching? For some reason, that's another way people are marking the day.
Too bad it doesn't mean we can leap forward through the working part of the day, to happy hour.
Or leap past chores we don't want to do.
Or leap by people we simply don't feel like dealing with today.
But one thing is predicted... rain, maybe a little snow. So February will be going out like a lion, thanks to Leap Day.
 Does that mean March will come in like a lamb?
Hey, February IS the best month (since it's my and my daughter's birthday month), so it deserve this extra day.
However you plan to celebrate Leap Day, have fun.... And think of all the ways February rocks!
(Goundhog Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day...)

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