Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

OK, I am posting this on Wednesday evening, just so it will be taken care of since I rise early for work. But who would want to miss Groundhog Day? Not me!
Have you ever been to Punxsutawney? I have ... but not on Groundhog Day.
I ventured there once with my daughter when she was in high school. She had her  photo snapped by the huge wooden groundhog statue in the park, we checked out the map of how to get to Gobbler's Knob and visited with Punxsutawney Phil at his home in the library. His photo isn't so great, but that's him at the glass wall of his abode.


And of course the day would not be complete without this Pennsylvania Dutch greeting, on a hefty groundhog image ....
Yes, good health and good luck to all, from the groundhog!
Happy Groundhog Day ... and just what will that prediction be, Phil?

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