Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy hiking ... but vacation's over

A week back at work almost makes you forget that you were just on vacation. Maybe it has something to do with the impending election, and all the related work.
Whatever the case may be, I was just on a week's vacation, and now have a week of work under my belt.
So it's time to get caught up a bit on blogging.

Although this vacation did not turn out to be a trek to Vermont, it was beautiful and memorable nonetheless. Basing out of my friend's home in Harrisburg for a few days (he was willing to put up with us even after hosting us in Cape Cod this summer, thank you!), we ventured into the gorgeous Lancaster area countryside on one of the days and that evening hit a hiking trail near Harrisburg for a little 3-mile jaunt.

Once again, I thank my daughter for "lending" these photos, which catch a bit of the beauty of that walk.
Hope you enjoy these photos -- it was a great place for a walk.

My next blog entry will detail a bit of our journey to Maryland ... and a hike that was a bit, well, different.
Until then, drink in this great scenery (oh, you can skip that photo of us walking...)

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