Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No, thank YOU!

It's always fun to have Scouts and other groups stop by The Reporter for a tour of the newsroom.
Recently a local Cub Scout Den did just that -- and then sent some homemade thank-you notes. I wanted to feature just a few of them today -- and it was VERY hard to pick just these. They were all so well done and a bright spot in my day.
Joe Monti, their leader, included a letter with the cards, noting that the boys loved the tour and "were excited to see their picture in the paper the next day. Some of the boys took the picture into school for show and tell."
That's great -- and we were so glad to have you!
So really, no thanks are needed... We want to thank YOU for stopping by and being so attentive!
We welcome groups who are interested in a tour, or anyone who would like to use our Community Media Lab during the day (computers are available). We also offer various "short courses" in the lab and welcome new bloggers.
For more information, email nbreaux@thereporteronline.com.
In the meantime, enjoy this great artwork!

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