Monday, August 23, 2010

remember the thunderbolt?

If you remember Willow Grove Amusement Park, you must remember the Thunderbolt, that great old wooden coaster.
I love those coasters, but have to admit I never rode the Thunderbolt. Why? Our dad deemed it too dangerous. Supposedly, someone had stood up when the ride was flying along, fallen out and died.
True? Who knows...
So even when I was a teen and would go there sans parents, I'd still get that directive: "Don't ride the Thunderbolt."
I never did, figuring that with my luck, I'd fall off, die and then my dad would kill me. Great reasoning, right?
I guess it never hit me that he'd never know if I actually rode the coaster.
Sigh. Now the whole park is gone. But I didn't disobey dad ... at least when it came to the Thunderbolt.

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