Monday, August 16, 2010

interesting drive home

Don't you wish there were signs -- and lanes -- like this everywhere that would help us out on our commutes?
I thought of this on an interesting drive home last week. First I got behind an older gentleman as I drove out of Lansdale who decided 25 mph was the correct speed for going up Route 63 toward Forty Foot Road. At least he turned right at Forty Foot and I turned left.
Then I got behind a younger man who was very preoccupied with his cell phone. Again, he was creeping along, but also veering over the painted lines at the side of the road and in the middle. I know it's a lot to ask, but couldn't you just hang up and drive? Or pull over?
Finally he also turned off after we got onto Allentown Road.
Then I was behind an older car with Vermont plates. Vermont! As I got closer to the back of the car, I noticed a sign taped to the back window.
My curiosity about what the sign said was cured as we approached a stop light. Basically the message was, "Note: This car sometimes rolls backward. Please allow extra room. Thanks."
Hey, at least a warning was issued. And that was enough for me. I gave that person all the room I could at each light.
Yes, commutes are great.

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