Monday, June 21, 2010

Graduation photos wanted!

In this photo, Lansdale Catholic seniors step into a new era.

The future beckons to all of our local graduates, as Souderton Area capped off the commencements Friday evening.
It’s an exciting time for these teens, who may be heading off to college this fall, squeezing in a bit of travel or perhaps starting a job search that could develop into a career.
It’s a time for celebration and honors, and we’d like to be a part of that for local families.
You’ve no doubt seen the questions we’ve posed, “invitations” we’ve issued and explanations of a special project we’re involved in, dubbed the Ben Franklin Project.
It’s named in honor of the inventor-innovator-printer-publisher-newsman-statesman and it’s a fairly simple concept — opening the news process for everyone to participate. We’ll also be using free “tools” to produce our paper on July 4.
But those details aren’t what’s important.
What is important is building a closer relationship with the public as we ask officials the questions you want answered, tackle the stories that are important to you, feature more of your photos and personal stories, and make the whole process much more transparent.
And here’s where those graduates come in.
On July 4, we want to produce our Town Center page with your photos of your graduates.
We’ll fill that page with your photos and also create an online gallery of your photos — so please e-mail them to or drop them off at our office, 307 Derstine Ave., Lansdale.
Just include the pertinent information — but please help us honor your grads.
Another special part of this project is to honor service men and women, by having you tell their stories.
It can be about a current service person or one who served long ago. Perhaps it’s how they were changed by their service, perhaps it’s a fond memory of them.
You make that decision. This is your chance to write what you would like to say.
E-mail stories and photos to
We hope you’ll help us make the July 4 edition a very special one — and then continue to help us deliver the news that’s important to you.

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