Monday, March 9, 2009

in this economy???

I'm sorry, but there certainly must be better ways to spend money, in this tanking economy (excuse the pun), than to fork over tons of money to teach liquor store clerks better manners.
Trust me, I know plenty of store clerks who could use more than a refresher course in this area -- basically, every kind of store out there. But it's just not prudent to be spending state money this way.
Here's a thought: If you are employed in customer service and you don't measure up, you should no longer have a job in customer service....

But just consider this lovely little item from the Associated Press:
The state's Liquor Control Board is spending more than $173,000 to try to make workers friendlier and more well-mannered at the nearly 650 stores it operates. The board says it wants to make sure clerks are saying "hello," ''thank you" and "come again" to customers shopping for wine and spirits.

It has hired Pittsburgh-based consulting firm Solutions 21 to help coach store managers so they can instruct their 4,000 clerks on issues such as how to greet customers and where to stand. Training begins this month.

Harrisburg good-government activist Eric Epstein calls the idea "a demented interpretation of happy hour." He says it's "a sad state of affairs when you have to train people to be kind and courteous."

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