Tuesday, May 27, 2008

memorial day

Another Memorial Day has past here in the Lansdale area. And I still don't understand why the small towns -- namely, Lansdale and Hatfield -- don't combine their efforts.
Instead of having "competing" parades and ceremonies on the same day at basically the same time, why not combine your efforts, have a BIG parade and ceremony, and alternate -- one year based in Hatfield, the next year based in Lansdale. Other area towns could also join in, and really have parades and ceremonies that would draw the crowds, maybe with a town picnic or other event incorporated.
But no, they insist on each having their own, and then wonder why the number of people participating and attending are smaller each year.
Come on, COOPERATE. And give our veterans, present service people and those who made the ultimate sacrifice a salute worthy of the name.

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