Monday, May 5, 2008

Eight Belles

I used to watch the Kentucky Derby. I gave that up after seeing one too many tragedy occur, and Barbaro certainly cured me of any interest in this inhumane sport.
And now Eight Belles.
No, I'm not an expert on horse racing. I'm just someone who loves animals, got my first pony when I was 3 and had a horse until well after I was out of college.
They are magnificent, loving creatures. But the horse-racing industry -- well, there's just nothing positive that I can think of to say.
We mourn these animals when something horrific like this happens at a major race like the Derby, but don't fool yourself into believing this is the only place tragedy occurs.
Eight Belles paid the price for having the heart of a champion beating within her.
How many more will have to suffer until something is done?

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