Saturday, February 16, 2008


Don't you just love all the time and (our) money that Congress is wasting on these baseball steroid hearings?
If I had my way ... and I've said this for years and years and years ... there would be no pro sports. At least not the way they have evolved.
These players -- yes, they PLAY GAMES -- do not deserve millions of dollars to pursue a sport.
How about people who SHOULD get paid like that -- teachers, scientists, doctors...
But because they can catch a ball or throw a ball or hit a ball .. well, you get the idea ... they somehow "deserve" to be multimillionaires.
But these hearings are totally pointless.
I'm sorry that kids look up to these people as heroes... what a waste.
And if these players want to destroy their lives with these drugs... well, so be it.
How about spending some time on health care, the economy, the environment, the war...
the list goes on, Congress.
But pro sports??? Give me a BREAK!


Anonymous said...

Nona I agree completely. What also amazes me is the ridiculous fan mentality. Why root for a team of millionaires who won't want to be in the same room as you? Why feel pride in a group of grown men who spend their life playing kids' games and filling their bodies with waste?

Anonymous said...

I agree about the hearings. The Feds SHOULD and DO have much better things to do.
But about the money aspect, don't forget, sports is ENTERTAINMENT. And the same reason that certain musicians get so much money is why athletes get paid so disproportionately well. It's simple supply and demand. If the public refused to stop paying $90 to watch Philadelphia teams fold, then the salaries would drop.