Friday, February 8, 2008

Poor Britney

Yes, I said "poor britney."
And I mean it. I've been fed up with her and her ilk in the past, but I was sorry to see that she was allowed to leave the psych place where she might have actually gotten some help.
Instead, out she goes, right back to the madding crowd of photographers who are feeding on her troubles.
This young woman needs a REAL family -- a mom and dad who cared about her enough to get her somewhere out of this limelight and into a secluded, secure facility that could give her the mental health help she needs.
And then she needs to get the heck out of Dodge, so to speak.
She obviously cannot handle the surreal life of fame, and should work to get her kids back and head back to her roots.
Just be a mom. Get healthy. Stay away from the sick and famous.
I fear that one day we'll be reading about her in the same way we did about Anna Nicole.
Some of these stars are checking themselves into facilities right and left, especially since Heath Ledger's death.
It's a sad commentary on what they obviously had been perceiving as life.

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