Monday, October 9, 2017

To the bone church...

In addition to visiting Prague while in the Czech Republic, thanks to friend Robert who lives in Prague, we were able to travel by car to Kutn√° Hora. The town itself is quaint and St. Barbara's Cathedral is beautiful. 

And then there is the Bone Church (Kostnice), filled with human bones assembled in sculptures.
There are crosses of bone, columns of bone, chalices of bone, and even a coat of arms in bone for the Schwarzenberg family, which owned the church.
 The bones came from victims of  a 14th-century plague and 15th-century Hussite wars; thousands died and were buried in mass graves. When the bones were uncovered, monks  decided  to put the bones to use.
It is something to see. And I hope everyone does so reverently, remembering the thousands memorialized in this fashion.

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