Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A heavy heart...

It saddens me beyond words that so many American voters decided that "change" meant electing a man who has never completed a day of public service in his life; a man who has bankrupted businesses and left unpaid workers and small business people in the wake of those actions; a man who has sexually assaulted women and demeans others incessantly.
Yes, this "change" agent has shown quite clearly that he is a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe and a misogynist. He has NOT shown any knowledge of the world, of the actual workings of government (how could he; he has never served in any capacity whatsoever) or any interest in actually learning a thing.
He has shown he has the patience of a toddler. He has shown he knows how to name-call and insult people at the drop of a hat. He has shown that he can send nasty tweets at will. He has shown he has incredibly thin skin and that he is a Class A narcissist.
And to this man we are awarding the nuclear codes.
People keep saying, don't worry; government has checks and balances.
There is no system of checks and balances for the codes, however. And remember, this is a man who "knows more than the generals."
Yes, we will have a super model as first lady -- who has chosen as her platform an effort to end cyber bullying. That's rich, considering what her husband loves to do on every front, including cyber.
I suppose since he is SO wealthy that he will donate his presidential salary to charity; oh, that's right, investigative reporting has shown he NEVER gives to charity himself. He loves to funnel other people's money to charity, just not his own.
But hey, maybe now we'll  get to see his tax returns. And see which foreign countries actually own him.
I went to bed Tuesday night before the full results were in, but I knew what they would be. I had, unfortunately, been predicting them for some time. But I had to turn off the coverage because I was literally shaking with fear and dread.
It's hard to describe just how horrible I feel today.
This man will appoint Supreme Court justices that will take us back decades. Yes, his choices will be approved. After all, the voters who wanted change sent the same old hacks back to Washington who will be falling all over this so-called  conservative.
Health coverage, Medicare, Social Security, planned parenthood, equal rights, women's rights, LGBT rights -- the endangered list goes on and on.
I think of young women I know and cry with worry for their futures with this man and his cronies in charge.
The voters who elected him were so worried about the Second Amendment, about losing their guns. Guns were never in  danger, but what about the First Amendment? Freedom of speech? Remember, this is the man who banned certain journalists when he didn't like what they wrote about him. He called them scum. He urged his followers to insult them -- or worse.
Yes, he has the temperament to be president. Keep telling yourself that.
I have lived through the assassination of JFK and today seems almost as dark as that day.
I have seen many presidents elected that I may not have agreed with, but I have never felt the way I do today.
It will be wonderful if I am proved wrong. But I can't imagine that will happen.
But hey, maybe these voters will love having that wall more than anything else in the world. Sure, Mexico will pay for it. 
Maybe they'll love seeing the wealthy get tax cuts. 
I'm sure they'll love it if he can round up all those people he wants to deport. 
And of course he has promised to imprison his political opponent. His followers also loved that.
He kept saying this was not a campaign, but rather a "movement." Anyone remember reading about similar whipped-up cries in pre-World War II Germany? That only one man could change things?
So now he will be president. Not my president; I can never acknowledge him in that role.
But with as unpredictable as this showman/huckster has proven himself to be, this also could be the last time we elect a president. 
Remember, he will now have the nuclear codes. Our lives are now in those tiny hands and that hot-headed, narcissistic mind.

God bless America. Please.

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