Sunday, October 16, 2016

Feral kitty day!

Today is National Feral Cat Day.
You can click on the link above for more information on this important issue and what you can do to help.
Having taken a chance on more than one formerly feral kitty, I can attest that it can be a wonderful experience.
Othercat is our most recent kitty to have joined our family.

He was feral, but a few years ago we were able to trap him, get him the medical assistance he needed, have him neutered and vaccinated.

Now he is a true sweetie, although he does not like other cats!
So he is our outside cat who sleeps in my unfinished basement at night in a comfy bed filled with straw.
He is very, very happy, and loves to be petted, weave in and out between your feet when you walk, and demands back scratches.
He's a great mouser, even bringing us "gifts" from time to time.
He certainly is no longer feral, but loves his daytime independence!

But now he gets regular checkups and vaccines, internal and external parasite protection -- and lots of love.

One of our local rescues, Stray Cat Blues, can help provide information and assistance if you are interested in aiding feral cats.
Take a chance, do your part. Help our furry friends.

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