Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

Another year has flown by. I know we all say it every year -- where in the world did the time go? And the older you get, the faster it seems to fly.
Every year has its high points and low points. Everyone's life has people in it who enrich it and fill it with love. We should cherish those people and focus on the happy times. 

I suppose everyone's life also is clouded by those who would love nothing more than to bring pain and destruction. The best we can do is try to forgive those who can think only of themselves; who can never accept responsibility for their actions. Even better, we can remove them from our lives and never respond to their nasty attempts to destroy others' happiness. 

Spread love, be happy, look for ways to help others. 

So as I look back over 2015, I choose to think of the happy times -- and there were so many of them!
Here are just a few:

The Pennsylvania Farm Show -- always a great time!

OK, so hand surgery in January wasn't fun, but at least the surgeon drew a happy face on the affected finger. And in the photo below on the left is Beatrice, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in February after a battle with cancer. Also not a happy time, but we choose to think of all the love we shared with her in the many years she was part of our family.

June was a time to celebrate graduation!

But in the summer, it was also time to say goodbye to my high school. I'm still trying to find the good there, but other than fond memories, that is rather difficult.

September brought a first-ever trip to Germany! What a fantastic time!

 And then a trip to Vermont in October!

Autumn at home also was grand.

And December brought the first anniversary for Danielle and Dave.

Not to mention Christmas!

So as we enter 2016, get plenty of rest; seek out those who love and support you; resolve to make a positive difference in some way; and forget any dark times and dark souls from 2015. 

It's time for a fresh start as we enter the new year!!

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