Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy anniversary, Spooky Wednesday!!

It's hard to believe that today marks a year since Spooky Wednesday -- a.k.a Wednesday, a.k.a. Little Head -- came into our lives. A tech at the vet hospital where I work brought her and her brothers in after she had rescued them  to see if anyone was interested in adopting.
Since we had been missing our black cat Prue since his death several years ago, we took the plunge -- even though it had been a long time since we had a kitten.

And so the adventure began with this little ball of black fuzz.

We soon realized that she basically was a perpetual-motion kitten … none of that cute falling asleep at a second's notice. She just seemed to go nonstop!

Lucky for her that she was so darn cute -- and that the other cats accepted her. Grim basically adopted her and kept her busy playing, helping to wear her out a bit.

Of course since she was so little at Halloween, she was a perfect model for some homemade bat wings!!

Marmi is our big girl, but welcomed our little girl...

Winter brought new attractions for the newest family member. Birds at the bird feeder!!

And what better candidate for a Christmas card photo??

Always so many things to check out...

And those big eyes!!

Of course sometimes you just have to rest...

The sink provides nonstop fascination...

And she discovered she could walk on the top of doors!

She loves to play chase and retrieve "ball ball" at bedtime -- we have to throw the ball and she runs like crazy to bring it back to us!

She has an amazing ability to puff up at the slightest scare...

But she can shake it off quickly...

Yes, dressers are VERY interesting!

This year of raising a kitten into a "toddler" has been quite the exciting ride…  She has been a joy, just as have all our other kitties. She was a wonderful addition to our family! Our cats bring us so much love and joy. We have several "senior" cats and a few with health problems, but we love all of them.

A kitten brings another dimension to the family, that's for sure. The years to come should be lots of fun! 

It's sad that so many black cats never get adopted because of superstitions and myths. I hope everyone will discard that silly nonsense and realize black cats are awesome! Everyone should have at least one!!

If you're looking for a black kitty, be sure to contact Stray Cat Blues -- that great nonprofit group will be happy to help you. Check out or call 215-631-1851. 

And remember to be open to adopting a pet. There are so many that need good homes -- and are looking for caring, loving people to open their hearts. 

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