Monday, August 3, 2015


At the end of December 2011, I retired from The Reporter after more than 38 years on the job.
At the end of July 2015, I retired from Harleysville Veterinary Hospital after three and a half years, so I guess that qualifies me as "old."

This is the oh-so delicious cake that we devoured last Friday, in addition to the goodies that hospital staff brought in as part of "dip day," a tradition at the hospital on occasions of such celebrations as marriages, births and yes, retirements.

I truly appreciate the send-off, and it was bittersweet to leave the practice. It had always been a dream of mine to work there, having been a client forever, and it was wonderful to be able to realize that dream.
But it's time for another chapter in my life. I hope to do some traveling, with some plans already in the works; I want to pare down my belongings; I want to spend more time with family and friends; and I want to do some volunteer work.
I also hope to do more blogging and more photography.
There are other items on my bucket list, but I guess this is enough for a start.
So here I am on my first official day of retirement… It will be interesting to see what develops in the years to come!
And, of course, it will give me more time with our kitties … including this little mischief-maker, Wednesday!

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