Sunday, March 1, 2015

A sad farewell ...

This past week was a very sad one at our home. We had to say goodbye to Beatrice, our cat who had been diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago. She has always been a strong-willed kitty, and she surprised everyone by fighting this disease for such a long time.
But last week that fight came to an end, and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

When Beatrice showed up in our yard so many years ago, she was obviously pregnant. My daughter named her Beatrice, which we later found out meant "bringer of joy and happiness." Well, she was the "bringer" of four kittens, and two of them made their home with us, as did Beatrice. The other two kittens found new forever homes, but Shel and her brother, Zombie, adopted us.
We lost Zombie to another form of cancer several years ago, another very sad time.

One year, Beatrice was featured on some of our Christmas cards. She always seemed to have a rather surly look on her face. We often joked that if she were a human, she probably would have a cigarette in one hand and a shot of whiskey in the

But her personality was just one of her charms that we will dearly miss. Each cat certainly has his or her own personality. And Beatrice made no bones about being one tough lady. 

But she also was a love!

 Beatrice loved to lounge on the windowsill and take in the great outdoors. We will miss her presence.

Here daughter Shel and Beatrice snuggle in front of the fire. Shel loved constantly being with her mom… She misses Beatrice so much.

The photo below was taken on her last night with us … Beatrice so loved the fireplace. She brought so much joy to our home … and has left a major void. 

Beatrice, we'll never forget you!

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