Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Take my recycling … Please!

Apparently my recycling isn't worthy of being picked up by Advanced Disposal. Here it's shown after a week by the curb, snapped during Tuesday's rain from my car window… For details, read on….

I was so happy when I found G&C Waste Services the other year. It was a small, local trash company; when you called they picked up the phone quickly and were very helpful. 

And they picked up my trash and recycling faithfully.

Then last summer I got the wonderful news that the small firm had been bought out by Advanced Disposal. In part, the letter stated, "The Advanced Disposal team is committed to providing quality service on which you can depend."

Uh-huh. Since that fateful day,  there have been many, many times when the new service did not pick up my trash OR recycling. Or they took the recycling and not the trash. Or took the trash and not the recycling.

Last week, they chose to leave the recycling. I called that night and left a message. No pickup the next day. Another phone call. Well, I called too late on Wednesday to have Thursday pickup, so they'd get it Friday. But it was still there Friday, so I called again. Oh, it would definitely still be picked up Friday. They have until 7 p.m. to pick up.

Nope, so I called Saturday morning. Left a message, but no pickup. Naturally it sat by the road Saturday and Sunday. I left another message Sunday night as a reminder.
No pickup on Monday, so I called again and said I wanted a return call. I was promised one.
Guess what -- no return call.

SURPRISE -- no pickup again on Tuesday. Now Tuesday night is when I put my trash and recycling by the road, so this means my recycling was out all week. And that I couldn't put out any "new" recycling.
At least they made no bold "pickup" promises when I called again on Tuesday, but I was promised an "immediate" call back from a supervisor.

As I write this, it is 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, and I doubt anyone will call me tonight.
So I hope everyone who passed by my driveway during the past week enjoyed seeing my overflowing, bright orange recycling container.

Maybe, just maybe, they will empty it on Wednesday.
But I'm not holding my breath….

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