Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Critters are cold, too

OK, we're all sick of this way-too-cold weather.
But remember, we're not the only ones freezing our butts off.
Wildlife -- and other critters -- are shivering through this polar winter as well.
I try to help out -- feeding the birds, offering a bit for the deer that pass by and, yes, this winter I have a cat food dish on the deck for a few cats that stop by.
And, working at a veterinarian office, I hear stories on a regular basis of people rescuing kitties from the cold.
It warms the heart to see these people share their hearts and homes -- and wallets -- with these homeless cats that might otherwise not make it through this tough season.
Just to show you how delightful it can be to share your life with a feline, here are a few of mine enjoying the indoors!

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