Sunday, August 25, 2013


Saturday was gorgeous -- the perfect day for FINALLY getting back to Knoebels amusement park up near Catawissa. (Remember, you DO pronounce the K!).

Sure, they use an address of Route 487, Elysburg, but I like the name of Catawissa better... Besides, that's closer to where my sister lives, just over the mountain from Knoebels.

The park is great -- free parking, free admission, free entertainment, free use of pavilions if you want to take your own picnic lunch. You can get all-day ride plans or just buy some tickets if you don't plan to tackle many of the rides. There are plenty of places to rest, lots of trees and just a great family atmosphere. Check it out at

I've been wanting to ride the Black Diamond, which used to reign at Wildwood as the Golden Nugget   in my youth and had been bought by Knoebels.

The park has changed the ride quite a bit, but it's still great! There's even a small homage to Centralia-- that "hot spot" nearby!

 And of course I LOVE the carousel. I had to have an "up and down" horse, but my daughter chose an "outside" stationary horse so she could grab the rings as the ride spun past that fun challenge.

It's a blur on that ride!!

It's a little racy at the carousel.... and a little grumpy!! But the tunes are catchy!

Of course you have to try the wooden coasters .... The PHOENIX!!

And waiting to ride the Twister...

Should go without saying!!

Waiting to ride the big ferris wheel... the view was worth it!

You have to try the ice cream at the Old Mill ... the salted caramel truffle with hot fudge sauce was SO GOOD!!

Reminders of the floods are seen throughout the park... 

Yep, Knoebels -- k-nothing's more fun!!

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