Saturday, June 22, 2013

Great garden tour!!

I should have been home doing the laundry, cleaning and mowing the lawn.
I had very good intentions of getting so much accomplished on Saturday.
And then my daughter texted and asked if I wanted to go on a garden tour. Wentz's United Church of Christ was holding its third annual tour, it was a gorgeous day ... well, it didn't take much to convince me to forget my chores and head out the door.
And what a great decision that was. The weather was perfect and the gardens were awesome!

A fantastic magnolia at Hidden Hollow Farm in Worcester. What a glorious spot this was ... I can only dream of ever having such an estate!

Very cool birdhouse at Hidden Hollow...

A tour of Pennypacker Mansion in Perkiomen Township ...  inside and out  ... was a real treat as well.


My personal favorite was the home of Melissa and Jim Jamison near Perkiomenville. It was so secluded, the boulders were fantastic and the love and labor that went into this site were hard to believe. My daughter said it would be like being on vacation year-round to live here ... I had to agree. I could have stayed there forever. I don't think the hosts would have approved, however...

 What a potting shed!! It had everything, including a sink that looked just like the one I had in my first apartment!

So beautiful!

Of course I loved this whimsical cat at the Benner home near Pennsburg -- looks like one of my kitties (but he can't ride a bicycle!).

If you missed the tour this year, watch for it next year. Ditch those chores and take the tour!!

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