Friday, November 23, 2012

What did you buy?

Black Friday.
I am happy to report that, once again, I did not visit any malls or big box stores.
I didn't get to snooze the day away, but that would have been pleasant.

Since I was working today, it was great to be helping animals and their parents instead of fighting crowds for items that no one really needs ... or wants.
The only store I did get to with my daughter late in the day was our favorite thrift store -- Care and Share -- where I did splurge on two Christmas pins that set me back a few dollars, an "interesting" decoration and a chair.
That chair, costing less than $20, is one sweet purchase. Heavy, well-built and yes, old, it is extremely comfy -- perfect for settling into while reading a great book.
You remember books, don't you? You can buy them at Care and Share too.
Anyway, there was no stress, I didn't pull out a credit card and these few items will be put to good use.
Now, are you ready to "shop local" on Saturday?

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