Saturday, September 1, 2012

Welcome September...

It's finally September 1, and even though it was about 90 again today, I have hope that autumn is approaching.
And who needs more proof than this?

Yes, I was at a local thrift store today and spotted this gem. It's apparently an all-purpose fall decoration. The cowboy riding the turkey (Thanksgiving) appears to have a pumpkin head (Halloween). And what says autumn more than a turkey in cowboy boots?
I passed on purchasing this, something I am SURE to regret, but had to share it with you.

Last evening, August 31, was the blue moon, of course -- you know, when we have two full moons in one month. I only had my iPhone handy, but captured a few photos. They aren't professional, to say the least, but here are two of them.

It seems a fitting salute to the very hot month we've just endured.

Now, with September here, PLEASE grant us some cooler days and chilly nights.
I, for one, am more than ready to see some autumn hues again!


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