Thursday, May 13, 2010

She's just a kid from Payette, Idaho...

...But maybe you can help her with a school project.
We recently received this letter and ran it in The Reporter. We sent her a few items that we hope will help with her project, but you still have time, too.
I hope you will consider doing so.
Here is the letter:

My name is Chelsea G. and I am a fifth-grade student at Westside Elementary School in Payette, Idaho.
On May 20, my class will be having a state fair. I have chosen the great state of Pennsylvania for my project. I would like to ask your readers to send anything from your state that I could display as I give my presentation.
Any type of collectable would be fantastic. I would especially like an old license plate to show off. We are hoping to get a license plate from each state being represented.
Thank you so much for any help your readers can provide.
Along with the items, please send your name and address so I can mail a thank-you card and picture of the display I made of your state.
Please send to Westside Elementary School, Attn: Mrs. Bain’s Class, 609 N. 5th St., Payette, ID 83661.
Chelsea G.

I was a little curious about the town and how it compared with this area, so I found the map shown above and also the photo from the Payette environs.
And here are a few stats for you to consider.
Population in July 2008: 7,637.
Median resident age: 32.4 years
Estimated median household income in 2008: $35,447
Estimated per capita income in 2008: $16,988

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