Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow-driving idiots

Snow can be beautiful, as evidenced by this photo taken by Reporter Online Editor Chris Stanley.
But early this morning, few of us were thinking along those lines as we were trying to make our way over snow- and ice-covered roadways before 6 a.m., taking it very slowly and carefully.
Except for the "gentleman" who decided to tailgate me and attempt to pass a few times as I navigated Route 113 between Harleysville and Franconia.
I was extremely glad I was making a turn onto Allentown Road, so this menace could barrel his way unimpeded.
Really, folks, where are you going that you have to throw all safety to the wind, while the rest of us are simply trying to get there in one piece?
The roads were in no shape at that hour to be taking the situation lightly.
I hope this moron got where he was going without doing harm to anyone else.

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